A bit crazy…

With great commitment, we are dedicated to the production of customized industrial machines and plants or parts of them in stainless steel and aluminum for every sector, especially for the food industry. We develop the production starting from a customer's drawing and eventually support the customer in creating new designs, and then move on to the different stages of realization such as laser cutting, bending, satin-finishing, stainless steel carpentry, mechanical machining with machine tools, the mechanical, electrical and electronic assembly and then conclude with testing and installation. Thanks to our experience in various fields, we can work alongside the customer by jointly evaluating improvements to be made to the project.

Spread over several buildings with a total area of about 8400 sqm, divided into offices, laser cutting and bending department, carpentry and piping department, mechanical assembly department, and machine tool department. This enables us to produce various orders regardless of their construction and logistical complexity.


They call them the phenomena...

The technical study, with the support of production, allows us the elaboration and development in parallel with several orders, planning customized solutions for each type of sector. Our highly qualified project managers can identify the functional layout, with relevant dimensional and structural calculations, according to the regulations in force and according to the product to be treated, and then detail each component with mechanical and electrical technical drawings. In addition, each PM manages a customer package dedicated to him, with whom he develops a fruitful relationship, allowing the customer himself to be followed up promptly on the various requests (from quotation to modifications, to the progress of the order, etc.).


Excellence with method...

To ensure excellence and maintain high-quality standards, the company holds different certifications. First of all, the ISO 9001 certification, which cannot be considered a simple certificate but evidence of a process of continuous updating to grow at every organizational level. This results in excellent scheduling, management, and control of processing steps while optimizing time, tools, and methods as much as possible. We are, moreover, able to issue MOCA (Material or Object in Contact with Food) Declaration of Conformity, a certification necessary to guarantee compliance with certain mandatory requirements on food hygiene; guaranteeing the quality of the product at all stages of the process: from the raw material to the finished product, passing from labeling to storage, to ensure that there has been no alteration on the quality of the product. Our strength is also having a dedicated and certified supplier base that allows us to maintain and manage the traceability of all manufactured goods or parts thereof that are intended to come into contact with food. The company complies with the requirements for the execution of steel structures, independent of their type and shape according to EN 1090-1+A1 (Execution of steel and aluminum structures - Part 1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components). It also complies with the extended quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials according to ISO 3834-2. In this area, we have in-house operators certified in Welding Inspection activity, i.e., figures capable of supervising and controlling the various welding activities. Finally, we have employees qualified to perform nondestructive quality control by visual method (VT) Level 2, i.e., capable of objectively assessing features or anomalies visible to the naked eye or by remote control equipment according to specific parameters.



We strongly believe in the skills and abilities of each employee and collaborator, being the great value of the company, which is why we constantly seek to increase and enhance them through continuous training and the constant search for highly qualified young staff. This allows us to keep up with market changes, nurturing the "culture" of the individual and the company, consequently ensuring our relevance, competitiveness, and ability to meet customers' expectations.


They say we are good at Building…

Frames and bases of industrial machinery
Conveying lines
Elevators and Descenders
Washing and containment tanks
Kneading tanks
Biogas plants
Process plants

Pasteurization tunnels
Helical coolers
Slicers / Kneaders / Sheeter / Encapsulators
Vacuum chambers
Any machine (or component) for industrial plant...
Industrial mixers
Filling and washing lines


We enjoy…

…producing in the industrial sector and particularly for food plant engineering various types of products and manufactured goods. Thanks to a skilled and qualified staff combined with state-of-the-art equipment, we can provide service at the end customer's premises, always on schedule.
We have all kinds of equipment: from laser cutting to bending machines, from calenders to welding machines, as well as traditional lathes and milling machines, plasma, and surface treatment equipment, so we can process any kind of material.


Mission e Vision...

Our vision is to create an excellent service center, a partner to our customers, and not just a supplier. Becoming over time a point of reference for the realization of its entire production cycle. Our mission is to bring innovation and industrial solutions aimed at maximizing the degree of satisfaction of our customers, along with the continuous improvement of all business activities. We do this by focusing everything on optimization, maximization, and above all on the internalization of multiple production stages and focusing on CTQ (cost-time-quality), the perfect trinomial on which we are constantly working to improve. Collaboration, innovation, flexibility, service, precision, and reliability: these are the values that guide our actions, projects, ideas and that make possible, every day, the realization of the solutions provided by Aitec.



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